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Dörr DAF-14 Ringflash Canon

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  • Ideal for macro photography
  • Provides a very uniform illumination
SKU: MI3373   MPN: 371015  EAN: 4000461041822

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The Dörr DAF-14 Ringflash Canon is suitable for illumination of subjects in the near and macro range and works in auto exposure using the E-TTL II or iTTL control.

It’s suitable for digital and film SLR cameras from Canon making use of TTL, ETTL, available ETTL II modes. There are two main systems used in the external flash macro, ring flash and double flash.

Dörr DAF-14 Ringflash Canon
The Dörr DAF-14 Ringflash Canon mounted onto a camera (camera not included)


Product features:

  • Ideal for macro photography.
  • Provides a very uniform illumination of light.
  • The Dörr DAF-14 Ringflash Canon includes 4 adapter rings with the following diameters: 55, 58, 62 and 67mm.
  • Very few shadows and bright clear bright light.

The Dörr ring flash for Canon is an external flash with a ring designed to couple around the camera lens. The DAF-14 flash consists of two parts, a body that is connected to the hot shoe of the camera and a ring flash that attaches itself to the camera lens. It consists of 4 adapters to connect it to lenses of different diameter rings.

Dörr DAF-14 Ringflash Canon
Photograph by WJ Postma taken with the Dörr DAF-14 Ringflash

This Dörr DAF-14 ring flash is used typically for macro photography, for example when taking photos of plants and insects, however is also very useful in portrait photography to give the skin a brighter visual appeal.

This ring flash is also used in the field of numismatics and used in photography for medical professionals such as dermatologists and dentists. The Dörr DAF-14 Ringflash Canon supplies a very uniform illumination around the lens with very few shadows visible in the photograph.

Additional Info

SKU MI3373
Model 371015
Technical Details
Guide Number 14
Color temperature 5600 K
Recycling Time 1 s
Intervalo focal de lente F2.0
Flash duration (full power) 1/700s
Wireless shooting distance 0.9 - 7.0 m
Flash modes TTL, E-TTL, E-TTL II
Compatible hotshoe Canon
Energy Control
Number of batteries supported 4
Type of battery AA Mignon
Colour Black
Product Type Flash cancel / macro

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Dörr DAF-14 Ringflash Canon What's included

  • Dörr DAF-14 Ringflash Canon
  • 4 adapter rings of diameter 55, 58, 62 and 67mm