B+W 58mm 1.8-64X MRC (106M) Neutral Density Filter

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  • Provides 6 stop exposure
  • Multi-resistant coating
  • Create motion blur
  • Compatible with 58mm lenses
SKU: MI2275   MPN: 1066163  EAN: 4012240008896

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The B+W 58mm 1.8-64X MRC (106M) Neutral Density Filter has a number of different uses in photography in order to achieve results by restricting the amount of light reaching the lens. Even though this filter appears to have a grey colour it allows an individual to adjust the exposure without having an effect on the colour balance.

B+W 58mm 1.8-64X MRC (106M) Neutral Density Filter 


Product features:

  • The B+W filter darkens the image, this enables the use of longer shutter speeds or a wider aperture.
  • Delivering a 6 stop exposure reduction, the filter makes it possible for you to manage the depth of field and express motion easily.
  • Filter will not affect coloration in the image.
  • A multi-resistant layer delivers protection to the glass and assists to improve light transmission and image quality.


The exposure adjustment of this filter is approximately 6 stops, so it transmits just 1% of light. Using this kind of filter you can create unique effects, in bright light the filter allows you to apply motion blur to moving objects such as speeding cars or a flowing waterfall.

Decrease the depth of field in your images and you can separate the subject from the background easily. The filter can also be used in bright light conditions removing the threat of over exposure.It also allows cameras with fixed shutter speeds to capture in bright scenes such as in snow or in sandy conditions.

B+W 58mm 1.8-64X MRC (106M) Neutral Density Filter

 The B+W 58mm 1.8-64X MRC (106M) Neutral Density Filter makes creating motion blur easy

A B+W filter mount is kept in place using a thread retaining ring, this is a distinct advantage over other makes of filters that use spring clip functionality to maintain the glass in place. The Multi-Resistant Coating (MRC) is tougher than conventional glass and prevents scratches and is also water and dirt repellent.

Additional Info

SKU MI2275
Model 1066163
Technical Details
Diameter mmm 58 mm
Filter type ND
Filter effect Yes
Package Contents
Quantity per pack 1
Product colour Black

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