Walimex Daylight 720 with Softbox 45x65cm

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  • Powerful continuous light
  • Low voltage, high power florescent lamps
  • Can be used with compact cameras
SKU: MI14143   MPN: 15297  EAN: 4250234552974

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In photography, it isn't that simple to get persons and objects always in a suitable light. With the Walimex Daylight 720 with Softbox 45x65cm this is not a problem anymore. The Daylight 720 is an efficient continuous light. The kit needs significantly decreased power (6x24Watt) when compared with matching lamp systems. For that reason, it is not simply very environmentally safe, but likewise variable, for the reason that lamps can be switched on and off based on the requested light output.

Walimex Daylight 720 with Softbox 45x65cm

The Walimex Softbox 45x65cm uses low voltage but very effective Spiral Fluorescent bulbs (lamp stand not included)

Product features:

  • Lights produce "what you see is what you get" light on to the subject.
  • Ideal for portrait photography.
  • Includes Walimex quick-release fasteners for fast easy set-up and dismantling
  • Economic Spiral Fluorescent bulbs use less electricity.
  • The kit produces an incredibly soft, even glow of light.

Spiral Fluorescent Lights are a good lighting choice for digital photography supplying soft professional flicker free continuous light. Their primary benefit is they are "what you see is what you get", when in comparison to an electronic flash when the lighting pattern of the flash varies from the lighting pattern of the modeling light. This tends to make Spiral Fluorescent lamps the perfect product for all types of portrait photography.

If you desire the best in modified lighting together with the kindest and softest of light upon a subject, there is almost nothing in which will greatly enhance light far better than a Walimex softbox, and the larger the softbox the better.

A softbox is just that, a box in what you put a light source (typically a flash, but not always). Within the Walimex box, which happens to be lined on the outside with a heavy-duty nylon black finish to protect against “spillage” or decline of light, has a reflective finish. In addition to the lining, softboxes are then covered  at the front, a diaphanous screen will soften and diffuse the light being driven through it.

Walimex Daylight 720 with Softbox 45x65cm

The Walimex Daylight 720 with Softbox 45x65cm lights produce continuous "what you see is what you get" light on to the subject.

This approach will generate a perfectly soft, even glow of light that may be altered even more by way of filters put on to the baffles to heat up the light. This can be helpful to enhance the skin tone of your respective subjects which is really helpful in the darkness winter.

The further apart you set the softbox from a subject, the softer the light will be and the less sharp the delineation you will have between highlight and shadow. The transition will be softer, that’s why some people call it a softbox. The nearer you maneuver the softbox to the actual subject, the greater the contrast with one very significant exclusion, and this is exactly where a softbox will be one of the most important lighting tools you will own, especially in portrait photography.

Additional Info

SKU MI14143
Model 15297
Kit incluye
Softbox Yes
Continuous light Walimex Daylight 720
Cantidad de focos 1
Lámparas de luz cotinua
Luminous Flux (Lumen/Im) 960
Dimmable Encendido de bombillas por pares
Máx. Temperatura del color (Kelvin/K) 5.400
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 45 x 65 cm
Type of lamp E27
Type of Lamp Continuous lighting
Weight 4 kg
Dimensions (cm) 45 x 65 cm

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Walimex Daylight 720 with Softbox 45x65cm What's included

  • 1x walimex Daylight 720 with Softbox, 45x65cm with 6 24W Daylight Spiral Lamps, Front Diffuser and Power Cable