Samyang 85mm T1.5 V-DSLR AS IF UMC Lens Pentax K for Pentax K-5

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  • Features ultra multi-coating (UMC)
  • Designed for DSLR Video Shooting
  • Great in low light conditions
  • For Pentax K Cameras
SKU: DI4472   MPN: 85MMVDSLRPENTAX  EAN: 8809298881450

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The Samyang 85mm T1.5 V-DSLR AS IF UMC Lens Pentax K for Pentax K-5 is a manual focus short telephoto lens created for still photography on Pentax K full-frame with APS-C sensor, along with professional camcorders, this lens really is highly suited whenever recording high-quality video.

A telephoto lens is a variety of camera lens developed for taking images of subjects at modest to far distances. The lens is the preferred lens with regards to recording and photographing nature scenes or portrait photography and is also intended to zoom in and increase faraway subjects. This Samyang telephoto lens features a convenient easily-removable lens hood.

Samyang 85mm T1.5 V-DSLR AS IF UMC Lens Pentax K for Pentax K-5

Photograph by Matthew Chamilothoris

Product features:

  • Excellent sharpness and value for money.
  • Ideal for cinematographers but equally at home used for still images.
  • Focus and aperture control rings offer industry standard gearing.
  • Features the current generation multilayer anti-reflection ultra multi-coating (UMC) to reduce flare and ghosting.
  • A fast T1.5 aperture helps make this lens terrific for low light and shallow depth of field.


This Samyang lens is a variety of long-focus lens which works with an exclusive internal construction to provide a longer focal length as opposed to the length of the lens itself. This makes it more compact, less heavy, and less complicated to control, whilst still supplying superb long-range images.

These lenses are generally applied when taking photos of sports events, wildlife, and in some other situations in which the photographer cannot get near to the subject. They are in addition widely used in portrait and macro photography.

These kinds of kind of lenses are usually employed when you are quite close up to the subject, but nevertheless don't choose to intrude too much. They are sleek and stylish, easy to carry, and can be hand-held for fast shooting.

As this lens is optimized for video, the focusing distance and aperture value have to be read from the side of the lens, instead of the top. The Samyang 85mm lens features UMC multi-coated optics, 9 elements in 7 groups along with 1 aspherical lens element. A mixture of these components generate exceptional optical performance, together with faithful colour reproduction and nominal chromatic aberration.

The iris and focus rings are able to be tweaked whilst recording a sequence discreetly and gradually to increase control. The focus rings and diaphragm are jagged to guarantee more effective engagement with Follow-Focus systems.

Samyang 85mm T1.5 V-DSLR AS IF UMC Lens Pentax K for Pentax K-5

The minimum focus distance is one metre, which is very good for most portraits and the lens can fit a 72mm filter, as the lens doesn´t extend and also the filter doesn´t rotate, therefore, it is suitable to make use of with graduated and polarizing filters if required.

This lens is extremely well developed, as a result of premium quality materials and has a metal lens mount. Having a weight of merely 513g, the lens isn't that heavy for a lens of this variety.

When the Samyang lens is focused manually, the geared surface offers a comfortable and positive grip and the focusing activity is effectively damped, helping to make fine adjustments a delight.

Samyang 85mm T1.5 V-DSLR AS IF UMC Lens Pentax K for Pentax K-5

Additional Info

SKU DI4472
Lens type Lens for DSLR cameras
Sensor APS-C and Full-Frame
Camera mount Pentax K
Samyang Cine Yes
Minimum aperture T/22
Maximum aperture T/1.5
Fixed Focal Length 85 mm
Minimum focus distance 100 cm
Lens structure (elements / groups) 9/7
Number of diaphragm blades 8
Number of ASP aspherical hybrid lenses 1
Diameter mmm 72 mm
Angle of view 28,3º
Approach Manual
Lens hood Yes
Protective cover Yes
Dimensions (Height x Diameter) 78 x 74.7mm
Weight 577 g
Colour Black

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Samyang 85mm T1.5 V-DSLR AS IF UMC Lens Pentax K for Pentax K-5 What's included

  • Samyang 85mm T1.5 V-DSLR AS IF UMC Lens Pentax K
  • Lens hood
  • Protection case